The Headlines Google Faces a Fresh Privacy Class Action Suit over Tracking iPhone Safari Users Therium contributed £15.5 Million to a U.K. class action against Google. The claim is based on the allegation that Google […]

Your November Legal Funding News Roundup

The evolving operational and strategic needs of companies navigating any rapidly expanding industry often outpace their technology. When many of today’s top funders got their start, legal funding software options were non-existent, so it comes […]

5 Hidden Costs of Outdated Legal and Medical Funding Software

Legal Technology ROSS Intelligence lands $8.7M Series A to speed up legal research with AI ROSS Intelligence is using ‘machine learning’ going after LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters for ownership of legal research. At its core, […]

Your October Legal Funding News Roundup

Class action lawsuits come in a number of different stripes. Such grievances could be brought about by injuries from defective products, including pharmaceutical drugs, motor vehicles and other consumer products such as medical devices. Beyond […]

Your Guide to Underwriting Class Action Lawsuits

Origination is the lifeblood of every legal funding business, and as we touch upon in our eBook (see page 8), brokers can provide a valuable, potentially expensive source for origination, and can help you build and […]

How to Work with Legal Funding Brokers 101

Plaintiff Funding Interview with Brian Garelli of Preferred Capital Funding An interesting read from the founder and CEO of one of the nation’s oldest lawsuit funders. He describes how the industry has changed over the […]

September Legal Funding News Roundup

In the recent blog posts on data analytics, we’ve covered gathering data, cleaning data, structuring data and finally analyzing data. In those posts, we covered how building a robust litigation finance business is not a […]

How to Make Data-Driven Decisions: 3 Pointers

Legal funders operate in close observation of various areas of the law, both its substantive content and its mechanics. A deeper understanding of the law and the ability to keep pace with changes and developments […]

5 Essential Treatises for Every Funder’s Bookshelf