The Headlines Google Faces a Fresh Privacy Class Action Suit over Tracking iPhone Safari Users Therium contributed £15.5 Million to a U.K. class action against Google. The claim is based on the allegation that Google […]

Your November Legal Funding News Roundup

Plaintiff Funding Interview with Brian Garelli of Preferred Capital Funding An interesting read from the founder and CEO of one of the nation’s oldest lawsuit funders. He describes how the industry has changed over the […]

September Legal Funding News Roundup

The civil justice system exists to punish wrongdoers, deter wrongdoing, and to compensate victims for the harms committed against them. But what happens when the harm committed is wrongful incarceration – how do you compensate […]

How to Compensate a Life Spent in Prison?

In arguably one of her most important speeches, Hillary Clinton delivered a scathing critique of the US criminal justice system. More importantly, she complemented that critique with a compelling vision for reform. Clinton spoke at […]

Parallels Between Criminal and Civil Justice

Days after the New York Times released a report on nail salons in the state that detailed widespread wage violations and potential health hazards caused by exposure to chemicals in salon products, Governor Andrew Cuomo […]

New York Moves to Protect Nail Salon Workers

People in car accidents, be warned: if you’re in a collision on the way to work, you probably won’t be covered by your company’s insurance policy. Virginia’s Supreme Court ruled in April 2015 against a DC […]

Why Insurance Settlements Can Take So Long