The civil justice system exists to punish wrongdoers, deter wrongdoing, and to compensate victims for the harms committed against them. But what happens when the harm committed is wrongful incarceration – how do you compensate […]

How to Compensate a Life Spent in Prison?

In arguably one of her most important speeches, Hillary Clinton delivered a scathing critique of the US criminal justice system. More importantly, she complemented that critique with a compelling vision for reform. Clinton spoke at […]

Parallels Between Criminal and Civil Justice

Days after the New York Times released a report on nail salons in the state that detailed widespread wage violations and potential health hazards caused by exposure to chemicals in salon products, Governor Andrew Cuomo […]

New York Moves to Protect Nail Salon Workers

People in car accidents, be warned: if you’re in a collision on the way to work, you probably won’t be covered by your company’s insurance policy. Virginia’s Supreme Court ruled in April 2015 against a DC […]

Why Insurance Settlements Can Take So Long

The latest in New York Times headlines that sounds like The Onion headlines: Lawyers With Lowest Pay Report More Happiness. According to a survey of 6,200 lawyers, high income and prestigious resumés have little correlation with […]

What makes lawyers happy