[Ebook] The Legal Funder’s Handbook: 100+ Tips to Supercharge Your Business

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If you’re running a legal funding company, no doubt you’re constantly looking to build or maintain your edge in a rapidly growing and increasingly competitive industry.

The question is: how?

We’ve distilled years of learnings from working with hundreds of funding companies into this ebook in order to give you a blueprint for success.

Download The Legal Funder’s Handbook 

Inside, you’ll find over 100 proven tips, tactics, and best practices designed specifically for legal funding professionals.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Generate more leads through tried and true origination sources
  • Streamline operations, from intake to closing the deal
  • Improve case tracking and collections to reduce your loss rate
  • Leverage tools and technology to organize, manage, and grow your operation more efficiently
  • …and more.

Get your free copy now to supercharge your legal funding business.


About Will Burkey

Will Burkey is the Funder Services Team Lead at Mighty, the world’s first technology platform that powers funders to help plaintiffs await a fair legal settlement.

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