The Headlines   Funding litigation is a billion-dollar business Through a number of different perspectives this article touches on the growing acceptance and availability of funding in the commercial U.S. litigation funding market and the […]

August Legal Funding News Roundup

It’s unquestionable that legal funding as a business model has proven successful— the industry is as strong as it’s ever been, and it continues to grow at a rapid pace. It’s a great time to […]

7 Leading Causes of Funder Failure

Even if you follow the 6 commandments laid out in our previous post on case tracking, there are at least 5 common issues you should keep aware of, as they could instantly jeopardize your investment. […]

5 Signs Your Funding is At-Risk

According to an industry expert, one of the main reasons young legal funding businesses fail is poor or non-existent case servicing. What these ill-fated businesses don’t know is that, after a plaintiff is funded, the […]

The 6 Commandments of Kick-ass Case Tracking

Plaintiff Funding Headlines   Judge won’t force Viamedia to share documents on litigation funding, DOJ action vs Comcast Legal funding is front in center in a battle between Viamedia, a New York-based TV advertising business, […]

July Legal Funding News Roundup

In part one of the MVA Underwriting Guide for Legal Funders we covered five important pieces of MVAs applications you should always keep in mind when underwriting: Number of potential claimants Medical billing Policy limits […]

Your Guide to Underwriting MVAs: Part 2

In the past entries of this series on using data analytics to supplement decision making in legal funding, we’ve examined initial steps to using data analytics, including gathering data, cleaning data and structuring data. Now, […]

2 Tactics to “Moneyball” Your Funding Company