Legal funding underwriters sit smack in the middle of all legal funding business, such that any mistakes or errors they make reverberate throughout the entire operation. Approve a handful of bad cases? Those losses are […]

Common Errors All Underwriters Make

    Enhanced Reporting and Analytics Flexible Sorting and Filtering – drill down into your open and closed deals to create unlimited, personalized reports for insights and workflows Automatic Aggregates – top-level numbers like total […]

[Product Update] Underwriting AI and Analytics

We recently brought you 7 Best Practices for Legal Funding Contract and laid the groundwork for setting up your contracts. By popular demand, we are now sharing a dissection of the most important provisions of every […]

12 “Must Have” Legal Funding Contract Terms

Case Tracking v2 Mighty’s case tracking tool underwent a major upgrade over the past couple of weeks, here are the highlights! Statuses and Tags – easily enter new tracking statuses, notes, and follow-ups all in […]

[Product Update] Case Tracking v2

Updated 3/17/17 with Andrew Sakar’s of IMF Bentham comment  on this post, and Michael’s response at the bottom of this post. They provide two different but very well-informed and measured perspectives that are useful for all legal funders […]

[Updated] Finance for Legal Funders 401: Portfolio Construction

Contracts are a core part of every legal funding business. At the end of the day, everything you do, all of your capital, originations and potential clients are put at risk unless you have properly […]

7 Best Practices for Legal Funding Contracts

The tyranny of the blank Google AdWords page can be overwhelming. Even more confounding can be the failure to show up on the first page of a Google search. So what might you do to […]

Top SEO Tips & Terms for Legal Funders

  Risk is one of the most important aspects of finance, and it is probably the central metric that institutional investors care about. While the average person often thinks that institutions, such as pension funds […]

Finance for Legal Funders 301: Risk Metrics