This article opens our investigation into fraud, one of the biggest risks in legal funding. Unfortunately, the chance of fraud is a part of any financial business, and the statistics are unnerving: According to one […]

5 Types of Fraud in Legal Funding

There are three primary ways for you to get leverage in your funding business: People – hire great people to help you build your business Money – raise outside capital to finance your operations and […]

The 21 Best Tech Tools for Legal Funders

This month’s software update is all about working smarter and getting even more customization where you need it. Plus, moooore payoff letters! 💥 📩  🎉   Reports: Customize Completely and Save Your Favorites Customize columns – configure your […]

[Product Update] Features Released in April 2017

Medical malpractice cases are some of the most complex and challenging for attorneys to prove and win. Demonstrating that a physician acted negligently in treating his or her patient is no small feat. To do […]

Your Guide to Underwriting Medical Malpractice Cases

Anyone reading an equity or fixed income fund document today should be impressed. Whether we are talking about fact sheets, annual reports, or prospectuses, funds today generally offer clear and understandable analyses of portfolio composition, […]

Make Analytics & Reporting Your Secret Weapon

Legal Funding News Open Records Request Exposes Rare Litigation Finance Document – In 2015, after Des Moines Water Works sued the boards of supervisors of Iowa’s Sac, Buena Vista and Calhoun counties over high nitrate levels in […]

February & March Legal Funding News Roundup

Legal funding underwriters sit smack in the middle of all legal funding business, such that any mistakes or errors they make reverberate throughout the entire operation. Approve a handful of bad cases? Those losses are […]

Common Errors All Underwriters Make

    Enhanced Reporting and Analytics Flexible Sorting and Filtering – drill down into your open and closed deals to create unlimited, personalized reports for insights and workflows Automatic Aggregates – top-level numbers like total […]

[Product Update] Underwriting AI and Analytics