Legal funders interested in using quantitative valuation methods or quantitative analysis for other business decisions currently face many hurdles. In the last post in this series, we talked about how funders can overcome the data […]

3 Steps to Ensure Actionable Data Analytics

This article will examine UCC-1 financing statements, a tool some funders have considered using as an additional layer to help protect their investments. Whether or not this is a method more funders should be using […]

Everything You Need to Know About UCC’s

Almost nobody likes dealing with tax questions. They are usually complicated, rely on endless pages of code, and are expensive to answer. Kids, if you want a high paying job, become a tax attorney. Interestingly, […]

To 1099 or Not to 1099? That Is the Legal ...

The big news this month: Mighty is expanding the platform to enable funders who invest in medical procedures and/or purchase medical A/R to operate on our platform.👩‍⚕️🔬👨‍⚕️ Additionally, new features keep pouring in that help […]

May Features: Medical funding, contacts, and doc management

The Headlines Litigation Funder Bankrolls Snapchat Whistle-Blower Suit In what may be the first case wherein the role of a litigation funding company is acknowledged publicly, various sources report a federal whistleblower lawsuit, which was […]

April & May Legal Funding News Roundup

One of the most common refrains across businesses today is the importance of data analytics. This urgency exists in the litigation finance industry as well, though many repudiate the fact. Indeed, legal funding firms struggle […]

3 Ways to Gather Data to Feed Your Funding Analytics

In our last article on fraud, we brought you an overview of five types of fraud most commonly seen in the legal funding industry. Now we introduce a number of tools and ideas you can […]

6 Weapons to Fight Fraud

Much of the litigation finance industry is still skeptical about data analytics. The CEO of Burford, Christopher Bogart, revealed this industry-wide skepticism in a recent article in which he questioned whether today, analytics can effectively […]

The Case for Data Analytics in Legal Funding

    In this video Greg demonstrates how Mighty solves one of the biggest challenges all legal funders face: quickly and accurately generating all of the paperwork needed to process, fund, and service a single application. […]

[Video] Mighty Document Generation & Automation