The biggest news in December, as covered by the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, was when Burford Capital announced its acquisition of Gerchen Keller Capital, turning most likely the two largest players in […]

December Legal Funding News Roundup

We don’t typically quote French philosophers from the 1700’s, but Sidore Marie Auguste François Xavier Comte has a famous quote that is worth breaking convention for. He famously said, “Know yourself to improve yourself.” The […]

8 Factors That Influence What Legal Funders Charge

Last month, we experimented with a new format by publishing a collection of our favorite articles about legal funding from around the web. Thank you to everyone who wrote back. You speak, and we listen. […]

November Legal Funding News Roundup

Case referrals from law firms are often the most sought after origination source for deal flow. They provide funders: Consistency – You can expect to routinely receive deals from the attorney Quality – You can […]

8 Tips to Nurture Your Existing Attorney Relationships

One of the biggest challenges facing the litigation finance market is how it is perceived by outsiders. “Why Justice for Litigation Financiers is Justice for all,” written by our CEO Joshua Schwadron and published in […]

Why Justice for Litigation Financiers is Justice for All

As a legal funder, plaintiff relationship management can be a delicate process. More often than not, plaintiffs are going through the legal funding process for the first time, so keeping them informed is critical. We’ve […]

7 Things Legal Funders Should Never Say to Plaintiffs