In Part 1, I introduced how important it is for legal funders to effectively communicate with capital providers and how the goal of this series is to show how legal funding companies can use established […]

Finance for Legal Funders 201: Duration & Convexity

Here’s an update on some features that were recently released to legal funders working on Mighty. “Funded” Workflow When you fund a case, you are prompted to take certain steps to help keep you organized […]

[Product Update] Workflow Rundown

The litigation finance industry is one of the fastest growing areas of the financial field. And yet, there is a significant issue holding the industry back from reaching its full potential: the inability of legal […]

Finance for Legal Funders 101: Speaking Finance

Running and working at a legal funding company requires a combination of financial and legal savvy, grit, expert management, and an ability to stay ahead of the curve as the industry and your business continue […]

8 Book Recommendations for Legal Funders

2016 shaped up to be a potentially breakout year with celebrities entering the industry and attracting countless headlines, codification of legal funding into law in two states, and to cap it all off, the first […]

7 Ways Legal Funding Changed in 2016

The biggest news in December, as covered by the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, was when Burford Capital announced its acquisition of Gerchen Keller Capital, turning most likely the two largest players in […]

December Legal Funding News Roundup